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The 411 on Zero-Proof Drinks

Sometime you’re in the mood for a cocktail, but you’d rather not drink alcohol. You might try zero-proof drinks!

This article explores the growing demand for zero-proof drinks, and it also outlines their benefits and possible side effects. We’ll also share three recommendations so you can experiment with zero-proof drinks on your own.

What makes zero-proof drinks different is that a substitute non-alcoholic liquid is used, one that tastes like what it’s replacing. In other words, a “non-alcoholic” whiskey or absinthe is now on the menu.

What are Zero-Proof Drinks?

Cocktails bring together a blend of ingredients and alcohol, delicately combined to create the perfect concoction.  They can be made without the alcohol, too, thanks to zero-proof options.

Virgin drinks, or mocktails, are popular with some pregnant women, minors, designated drivers, and those who cannot or do not drink alcohol. Mocktails are all the fun of a fruit smoothie or flavored soda with none of the alcohol intoxication.

But what If you want a “whiskey soda”? Without the whiskey, it’s just… soda?

Not anymore! That’s how zero-proof drinks save the day – the liquid tastes like alcohol. In fact, zero-proof drinks are often made from the same ingredients via a non-alcoholic creation process.

Why are more people consuming zero-proof drinks?

The tequila, whiskey, and rum connoisseurs of the world may be asking themselves why people would want to swap out the real deal for a zero-proof substitute. The answers are varied:

  • Zero-proof drinks don’t compromise on the flavor.
  • Avoiding alcohol is common for those who are hungover, but rather than throwback another drink at Sunday brunch, they might order themselves a zero-proof drink instead.
  • There are people who never drink. In this case, the individual must decide if zero-proof drinks fit their lifestyle. If they do, they would be free to enjoy the drinks as they see fit. For example, if you don’t drink alcohol to stay consistent in your gym routines, then perhaps this option will work for you.
  • Note: Non-alcoholic beer isn’t recommended for pregnant women. Some zero-proof spirits are made with trace amounts of alcohol that are later removed, but perhaps not completely. They may contain ingredients like caffeine or herbal supplements.

Simply put, people are abuzz over zero-proof drinks. You might overhear somebody casually order them at a bar or ask for them at the grocery story. So be on the lookout! If you haven’t encountered them yet, you will soon.

Benefits of Zero-Proof Drinks

  • Avoiding alcohol can improve general health.
  • Alcohol binging can derail a diet or exercise routine.
  • Judgement is impaired while drinking but not with Zero-Proof Drinks.
  • You can entertain friends who might enjoy a non-alcoholic substitute. Check with your friends before serving!

Side effects are limited, though there are questions to consider like:

  • Is alcohol used at any point in the production? Sometimes trace amounts linger.
  • What ingredients are used to create it? Look for allergens!
  • How many sugars and calories are consumed in a serving? Zero-proof drinks can be sweet and full of sugar.
  • Products may contain dairy or other non-vegan ingredients.

Top Three Recommended Brands

Check out a few of our favorites!

  1. Kin Euphorics Dream Light: This drink offers a pallet of earthy and spicy flavors with its Dream Light blend. The drink also contains reishi mushrooms and melatonin (for better slumber). You can add it to your favorite type of dairy-free milk before bedtime.
  2. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirit, Grove 42 Citrus: “What to drink when you’re not drinking” is the brand’s mantra, so be prepared for a treat.  Distilled botanicals provide a citrus note, the remedy for any drink that calls for zestful flavors like ginger or lemongrass. Mix with your favorite tonic for a simple and refreshing beverage.
  3. Materva Yerba Maté Soda: Mix it up! If you want to go the extra mile with your zero-proof creations, you can look into this Cuban carbonated tea. The tea-based soda contains caffeine and adds bitterness to drinks like ginger ale.

TIP: The market always ushers in new products, so be prepared to experiment a little to find your favorites!


You’ll be sippin’ on something sweet (or sour) in no time thanks to the growing zero-proof drinks movement. As people come together to rally behind a love for craft cocktails without the booze, the culture continues to expand.  Go ahead and give one a try sometime.

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